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The complete profile is described in the profile section of the Board of Commissioners.



An Indonesian citizen, currently 53 years old who has served as a Member of the Audit Committee since 2009. Until today, he is still active as a tax consultant and financial advisor.

Prior to joining CITA, he had joined the Interlace Group, PT Bintang Toedjoe, PT Alberta Investment, Inter World Group, PT Bira Aset Manajemen, PT Bank Bira, and at the Public Accountant Office Prasetio, Utomo & Co.



An Indonesian citizen, currently 54 years old, who has served as a Member of the Audit Committee since 2009. Until now, he also serves as the Principal Adviser and owner of PT Fides Pro Consulting. He has experience in the fields of Audit, Accounting, Finance, Capital Markets, and Taxation in several companies including PT Inti Salim Corpora, Prasetio Utomo & Co (Arthur Andersen) and PT Vickers Ballas Indonesia. He holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Bandung and has a State Register Accountant Charter and a C-level Tax Consultant Certificate.



Corporate Secretary

Served as the Corporate Secretary since 2007. He is also as an Director of CITA since 2015.

The profile regarding the Corporate Secretary is described in the Board of Directors’ profile section.

Law and order must exist in the mining business to guarantee that, as a bauxite and alumina producer, we protect the health, welfare, and legal and human rights as much as we secure our business operations. Failure to comply with the existing policies and standards could damage both the company's reputation and increase the risk of unwanted legal consequences.

a. Code of Conduct

We have developed and set ethical standards for all of our staff as outlined in the Code of Conduct, published on our website, as an expression of CITA's commitment to the conduct of business activities and operations based on ethics and integrity. The Code of Conduct is a collection of corporate principles and business ethics that seek to raise awareness and influence, guide, control, and shape conduct to aid the pursuit of CITA's vision and mission by ensuring proper behavior is present across all levels of CITA.

Download Code of Conduct Policy


b. Permitting

CITA ensures that we comply with every regulation, law, and rule set by the Government of Indonesia for the bauxite mining industry.





PT Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk (CITA) commits to achieve its best performance and put forward health, safety, environment, social relationships and good corporate governance in all its activities and ensures that accident and environmental contamination can be prevented through mutual commitment and proper technology application, also competent human resources.

CITA owned bauxite mining licenses and alumina refinery through its associate PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery (WHW) at Ketapang, West Kalimantan province.

CITA’s commitments:

  1. Comply with the Indonesian rules & regulations and shareholders related to HSE (Health Safety Environment), social community, as well as licensing which has been set in the Environment Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan during the exploration, mining production operation and alumina refinery activities.

  2. Deliver and ensure optimum availability of human resources in implementation of integrated health and safety program in every stages of work.

  3. Create and execute quality management system, in the form of general instructions, procedures and work standards according to CMI work area.

  4. Carry out regular identification, health and safety risk control management, environmental protection, security as well as increasing effectiveness and also preventing unwanted social impacts.

  5. Conducting programmed and scheduled training to ensure the expected level of competency level in order to create a healthy, safe and comfortable work environment.

  6. Execute continuous improvement and/or performance improvement effort to achieve the best health and safety, security, and social protection.

  7. Involve the participation of all employees in every activity of health, safety, security and environmental protection.

  8. Act professionally in every task and improve performance.

  9. Participate in corporate social responsibility efforts and maintain good relations with the surrounding community through the implementation of the Five Pillars of Community Development.


CITA is committed in creating and providing a safe working environment for its employees and contractors or others associated with the Company's activities. It is intended to:

  • Prevention of fatality accident.

  • Prevention of minor or major injuries.

  • Prevention of property damage from accident(s), operational errors, lack of supervision and/or lack of maintenance.

  • Reduce morbidity rate and loss working days due to illness and implement health promotion programs for employees and contractors.

  • The company and its employees and contractors have a shared responsibility to work safely and healthily in accordance with health and safety procedures and standards.

  • Creating a conducive environment of construction activities or production operations where employees and contractors can work efficiently, safely and free from activities that will result in loss or construction and or work cessation.


CITA in carrying out each stage of the activity considers environmental protection including:

  • Companies and contractors in carrying out their activities are required to follow the environmental management plan (RKL) and environmental monitoring plan (RPL) as well as environmental management permits that have been approved by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

  • Environmental management that can help improve climate change.

  • Consideration of efficient use of water and energy resources.

  • Execute land clearing as needed and carry out activities that minimize disturbance to biodiversity.

  • Prevention and/or reducing pollution or impact of solid, liquid and gaseous waste due to Company activities and the use of hazardous and toxic substances.

  • Company and its employees and contractors are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the work and living area.

  • Company always coordinate with all its employees and work partners in carrying out environmental protection.


CITA ensure its operating area and surroundings as a safe and conducive work environment. This includes:

  • Shared responsibility to create safety conditions in the workplace.

  • Securing physical and non-physical assets in CITA's work environment.

  • Implementing an integrated security that combines internal and external security to ensure CITA’s construction and operation activities run safely.


  • Provide added value to stakeholders through the implementation of community development activities at the Company's operations in Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan Province, which are oriented towards the implementations of the five pillars of the program, namely Health, Education, Productive Economic Enterprises, Social Culture, Infrastructure and maintaining harmonious relations with all stakeholders.

  • Prioritize the use of local workers in accordance with the required job competencies.

  • Maintain local wisdom and culture in each of the Company's operations.


  • CITA in its operations strives to implement the principles of good corporate governance in every activity of the Company in order to create accountable business climate in line with the principles of democracy and an efficient market in line with avoiding corrupt practices.

  • Comply with the laws and regulations in Indonesia, the articles of association and by-laws as well as the resolutions of the General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company.

  • Company periodically evaluates the policies, procedures and work instructions to ensure that the company's operations run according to the company's business development.

  • Company in carrying out corporate governance practices minimize negative impacts and maximize profitable opportunities.

  • Company implements and disseminates the code of ethics to all members of the Board of Commissioners, Directors and employees as well as the Company's subsidiaries. The code of ethics of the Company applies to all levels of office without exception.

  • The company acknowledge human rights in its operation practice regardless of ethnicity, religion and culture including gender and does not employ workers under the age of 18.

The implementation of the commitments mentioned above is carried out and supported jointly and reviewed periodically in management review activities, performance evaluations and in accordance with the Company's business developments.

As part of our parent firm's (HARITA) values, integrity is vital to us. We believe that adhering to a strict moral code constitutes the success and sustainability of our company. We have implemented principles of good corporate governance (GCG) – openness, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness and equality – to maintain an ethical environment in all our lines of business.

Our Policies
1.     Anti-Corruption Policy
2.     Anti-Money Laundering Policy
3.     Sanctions Policy
4.     Whistleblowing Policy
5.     Risk Management Policy
6.     Policy on Selection and Capacity Enhancement for Suppliers and Vendors


We believe we must maintain an open and transparent relationship with key stakeholders. As no entity could conduct a business by being a 'lone wolf' or isolated actor, we believe having a sound stakeholder management plan allows us to communicate how our business affects our stakeholders and how their perspective could help us grow as a Company

Various methods and practices are applied at regular intervals that ensure we maintain relationships with our key stakeholders. Our primary communication topics are our sustainability efforts and our business achievements.

It is no longer enough only to ensure CITA's own legal compliance and sustainability. The people with whom we do business are an extension of our values.

To have business partners that uphold the same or similar sustainability values as we do, CITA takes extra steps in communicating our expectations and maintaining the results. Up until 2020, CITA focused on ensuring the practice of good governance, starting from legal compliance of our contractors and our direct supply chain.

Workplace conditions must be "nurturing" in the sense of promoting success and mental wellbeing. Aside from maintaining essential standards for health and safety, the working environment has an indispensable role in determining how motivated, and happy employees are and how productive and efficient they may be.

CITA takes human rights and fundamental freedoms very seriously and includes them in the business rules enforced on all associates. The eradication of child labor and forced labor is a crucial problem for the international community, and CITA does its part in resolving these issues within our business capabilities. CITA will not tolerate child labor and forced labor under any circumstances

CITA's business ethics and values are contained in the Parent Company's statement of values, in which HARITA stands for Humility, Achievement-oriented, Respect for every individual, Integrity, Teamwork, and Accountability.

CITA ensures and maintains equal rights in the workplace. We implement this first and foremost through fair recruitment, stated as a no-discrimination principle within our Company Regulation

Listed among our five Company missions is our commitment to implementing the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy and responsibility toward the environment. We strive to continuously improve occupational health and safety for all our employees across all our operational activities, involving all our vendors and contractors through agreed commitments

Our annual OHSE report for 2020 is available for both mining sites (Air Upas and Sandai), showing health records of employees for every month throughout the year, including number of cases and incidences, types of illness, and diagnosis. Regular audits were also performed at each site, evaluating and recording safety aspects.

We are very mindful regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our care and concern are reflected through the policies we have created, their subsequent implementation, and our continuous monitoring of COVID-19 infections. We have enacted SOPs for handling COVID-19 that include screenings and monitoring of the number of cases as well as vaccinations.

Good governance frameworks, in order to be comprehensive and reliable, should include transparency and disclosure policies and practices. All important information about the business not judged confidential, including its financial status and performance, should be disclosed in a timely and accurate manner to provide shareholders, stakeholders, and potential investors with the opportunity to make informed decisions.

The following reports can be viewed from our website through the ‘Reports’ page.

  • Annual reports, since 2016
  • Annual financial reports, since 2016
  • Semi-annual financial reports, since 2016
  • Financial overview, since 2016.

CITA is also subject to continuous disclosure obligations under the relevant OJK and IDX regulations and where the relevant disclosure should be made on IDX website, the public disclosure made by CITA can also be found on IDX website. For more information please refer this link for CITA's public disclosure on IDX website.